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Dungeons and Dragons Online Gold Pieces

Check the best DND Gold offers. Dungeons and Dragons monetary system comes in few denominations which are platinum piece (pp), gold piece (gp), silver piece (sp), copper piece (cp) with 10:1 rule which means that 1 platinum piece equals to 10 gold pieces, 1 gold piece is equal to 10 silver pieces and 1 silver piece equals to 10 copper pieces. The game displays item values and transaction totals only in gold pieces or lower. When you sell items, the game converts your income to platinum pieces as much as possible (i.e. when you are selling items worth 500 gold pieces, the money from this transaction will come to you as 50 platinum pieces). The game also provides you change when necessary. Dungeons and Dragons' amount of money that can be kept by a player is limited to 4.294.967,295pp). Looking for DND Gold? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for D&D Gold offers!