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Conquer the world of Norrath in EverQuest II

EverQuest II is an MMORPG released in 2004 by Sony Entertainment. With over 15 years of expansions, support, and content, the community is ever-growing. But in like every other online game that’s been running for a wild, starting from scratch may be kind of hard. After all, some people have been playing EverQuest II for over ten years. The item and level discrepancy may be a bit too much for newcomers. And while there is nothing that a good grind can’t solve, not all of us have the time and dedication. So why not get a head start? Pick a server to play in, buy an account, some in-game gold, or ask for a little level boost in MMO Auctions!

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EverQuest II, new content, new stories!

After 15 years of running, EverQuest II is still getting new content. Just last November, the sixteenth expansion, Blood of Luclin, dropped. Apart from continuing the story, in adding a new level cap, the max level is now 120. Between all the in-game goods, buying Kronos to unlock premium benefits, and the over-leveled fanbase, getting started in EverQuest II is a challenge. 

If you are trying to get into this deep and complex MMORPG, starting from scratch might not be the best idea. You are going to miss out on many quests, items, and rewards, so be smart, get a hard start, and skip the long grinding hours killing the same enemies over and over. Jump right into the latest expansions by buying an account, get extra in-game benefits buying Kronos, or just get a ton of platinum to load up your inventory with the best gear.