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EverQuest II Bots & Cheats

Cheats and bots for EverQuest II

EverQuest II champions trough the range of new games as a classic MMORPG with a deep and vast lore and yearly content. Jump back into Norrath to find an invested community and massive dungeons and quests. And while everything may seem peaceful at first, soon, you’ll find your worst enemy: time.

Time is the key resource of EverQuest II; if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to deal with the tons and tons of grinding in-game. Like many MMORPGs, it does start to fill like an uphill battle, especially when you see the top players destroying everything around them with such ease. How can you catch up to those that did pull of the harvesting exploit many years ago? 

Well, you are in luck. Digital tools make everything more comfortable, better connections, and better hardware makes games run smoother, meaning less lag to fight against every opponent or monster. But it doesn’t stop there, many players that were sick with the grinding, and tired of losing to players with much more time to play the game, developed many tools to beat all these enemies. Yeah, we are talking about bots and exploits to conquer the PvE and PvP aspects of EverQuest II.

Developers at Daybreak Studios do patch the game consistently, and while there aren’t many exploits left like the infamous harvesting one, from time to time, something slips up. There are still some in the game for you to use. Bots n the other hand, will let you do all those mundane activities like harvesting or killing low-level monsters. Some of them might even give you ungodly like reflexes to do more inputs than humanly possible.  

They aren’t classed or race lock like they used to. Bots are better than ever, working for every character you make, and are a great way to reduce the gap between players that have been playing for over 15 years vs. the newbies. For the veterans, they can be the edge they need to win PvP or the required boost needed for extra platinum by letting it grind for hours.

You want to skip the grind and get to the top on your main account? Trying out a new build, but you don’t have the platinum to spend on it? Give yourself a boost by trying out an exploit or bot on MMO Auctions.

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