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EverQuest II - Farming for Platinum

Like in any other MMORPG, the in-game currency, platinum, is king. The EverQuest II broker market is vast and fast-paced, offers come and go, legendary items sell for millions of platinum, and with a bit of luck, you can get rich fast. And while questing for rare drops, and harvesting in-game goods is necessary to make a couple extra platinum coins, the grind is long and tedious. So, if you are looking for that class-specific legendary item to complete your build, or you are just a new player trying to get a head start, buying platinum is the fastest way to get where you want to be. So why not buy it at MMO Auctions.

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A fortune of platinum awaits you!

The quest for platinum is long and hard. As stated before, there are many in-game ways to get rich, but all of them require time, attention, and long hours of grinding. For some people, that’s ok, that the game they want to play. But for those who have to deal with school, family, or a job, spending time grinding to get an in-game fortune might be a bit too much. After all, more time on the grind means less time on quests! We want to be heroes, get the best gear, and slay every single enemy that roams Norrath!

Buying platinum will let you get those powerful spells, show-off that shiny new sword you’ve been waiting to get, and in general, will make you enjoy your gaming hours even more. So, search for deals, talk to a vendor, and be ready to truly become a hero on EverQuest II.