EQ2 Platinum

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EverQuest II Gold

Check the best EQ2 Platinium offers. EverQuest 2 is featuring classical solutions when it comes to currency. The main currency in the game is EQ2 Plat. It comes in 4 denominations which are Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper. One Platinum coin is worth one hundred Gold coins, one Gold coin is worth one hundred Silver coins and one Silver coin is worth one hundred Copper coins. Money is stored in your inventory, but can be transferred to your in-game bank. Apart from traditional money system known from other MMORPG produtcions, EverQuest 2 uses also variety of special currencies for Live Events, World Events and for earning high-end gear. Other currencies are implemented as tokens, among them you can find Far Seas Trading Company Tokens, City Tokens, Void Shards, Elemental Essence, Marks of Manaar, Seal of Arad and Epic Token of E'ci. Looking for buy EQ2 Plat? Check MMOAuctions for currency offers from players worldwide!