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EverQuest II Accounts

The best Accounts for EverQuest II

The vast world of Norrath is ever-expanding with new content, players, and items. Expansions come out almost yearly, always adding extra quests and level caps. Currently, you can grind up to level 120. For those veteran players that have been playing EverQuest II since 2004, grinding may not sound as hard or impossible. But for newcomers, that’s a tough mountain to climb. But don’t you worry, if you want to try the adventures that await you on EverQuest II but don’t have the time to put on the game, why not buy an account? Get a character with a ready to battle build, max stats, and skills so you can sit back and enjoy some boss fights. The best place to get one, you ask? Easy, MMO Auctions.

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Monks, Fighters, and many more characters!

EverQuest II is one of those rare games where going solo is more EXP efficient than having a party. On the one hand, that’s great, meaning you’ll always be able to advance through the game without problems; on the other, solo questing can get lonely, especially when you are supposed to be playing an MMORPG!

Buying an account to play with friends or just to flex on them might be the best way for you to try out new character skills and quests. Even better, most accounts come with a great deal of platinum so you can change the equipment; they also include lots of Kronos in case you want to reinvest and further expand your in-game fortune. Either way, buying an account cuts the grinding and process and lets you jump straight into the action.