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EverQuest II Accounts

Check the best EQ2 Accounts. EverQuest 2 offers you numerous ways to develop your character. Your character can earn up to one hundred levels of experience in his adventure class and one hundred levels in a tradeskill class which can be chosen later. Apart from levels you will earn "alternate advancement points", which are used to add or enhance your character's abilities. Each adventure EQ2 Account class has three trees of alternate advancement to invest in. To develop your character is to earn levels in his class. You can also earn tradeskill levels. Tradeskill experience is obtained via crafting. There is also a third type of experience which is Alternate Advancements experience. Every bar of AA experience filled grants you a Alternate Advancements point which allows you to invest into abilities to specialize your character. Looking for well developed EQ2 account? Check MMOAuctions with tons of offers placed here by players and traders worldwide!