EQ2 Items

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EverQuest II Items

Variety of EQ2 items and equipment is staggering. You will encounter far more items than you need at one time. Some EQ2 items are simply rubbish which can be sold at NPC shop for few coins, some are used as materials for crafting. Most items you will come across are usable by players, sometimes restricted by class or level. The progression in game highly depends on quality of equipment you are getting ahold. Found equipment consists of items with different rarity level, which has an impact on item's power and attributes, and it comes in 5 types which are: Uncommon, Treasured, Legendary, Fabled and Mythical. There are also two additional types which reffers to player-made items and they are Handcrafted and Mastercrafted. Tired of an endless grind? Want to get ahold of endgame EQ2 items but you simply have no time? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers connected with EQ2 items!