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Fallen Earth Bots & Cheats

The best cheats, bots and hacks for PvE and PvP

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic region of Nevada! In the Grand Canyon, many monsters, bike raiding punks, rebels and mercenaries await you. It’s a mutant dog eat mutant dog world out there, so you better be prepared for any challenge. That means the right gear, level, allies, and mount to traverse these fierce lands.  

Unlike many MMORPGs out there, nothing quite compares to Fallen Earth’s premise. It took Bethesda over 10 years to finally launch their post-apocalyptical adventure, and boy was that a disaster. Fallen Earth’s charm mainly comes from the vast world you are able to traverse and from its crafting system, you can craft around 95% of the in-game items you can buy! Nothing is quite as satisfying than building your own vehicle to ride and shoot your enemies during the end of the world.

But all of this greatness comes at a hefty price. Fallen Earth’s learning curve is hard, and the real-time events like the harvesting hours can become quite infuriating. Leveling up takes time like in no other game, and some of the best mining spots are already taken by factions and mercenaries. So what can players do to gain an edge over the rivaling player-base? Easy, hacks, bots, and cheats are the best ways to gain an advantage. From auto-aiming hacks, to harvesting bots, to leveling up with cheats and exploits. Don’t let this fierce lands destroy you, take a stand by using help to beat the many challenges Fallen Earth offers you. 

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