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Fallen Earth Items

Check the best Fallen Earth Items offers. The inventory system in Fallen Earth is a combination of traditional slot inventory with some restrictions basen on item's weight. Every player has 64 slots in their inventory and limit of capacity determined by player's strength. A character may have free slots in his inventory but will not be able to carry more items if his weight limit exceeds. There are three basic types of weapons that players can use to fight, they are melee, pistols and rifles. Weapons wear out over time and require regular reperations at Weaponry or Ballistics Repair Kits. When it comes to armor, a character can wear up to 19 different armor parts with proper slots for each. Fallen Earth provides you also with quite a unique items which are vehicles. They allows you to travel faster, have extra storage and may be useful at combat. Looking for Fallen Earth items? Game is consuming too much of your precious time? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Fallen Earth Items from players worldwide!