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Fallen Earth Red Chips

The main currency of The Grand Canyon area, world of Fallen Earth, is called chips. These are actual poker chips from casinos brought in by the last survivors who arrived from Las Vegas to seek refuge at the Hoover Dam Garrison just before it became entirely isolated from the rest of the world in 2058. Chips come in four denominasions which are Blue Chip, Red Chip, Yellow Chip and White Chip. One Yellow Chip equals to one hundred Red Chips, One Red Chip is an equivalent of one hundred Blue Chips, and one Blue Chip equals to the value of one hundred White Chips. Most of NPC vendors will tell you the price in White Chips. You can also use chips to make transactions between players directly or at Auction House. Looking for a decent amount of Chips? Tired of endless grind eating your time? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the latest Fallen Earth offers from players worldwide!