Final Fantasy XI Gil

Main currency in the game is FFXI Gil. This is standard currency of Vana'diel and can be obtained in many different manners. The most common is to sell unwanted items at the auction house. You can also put your items up for sale in your bazaar or trade them to other players directly. Another ways to make Gil are defeating mobs, opening treasure chests and coffers, stealing it from mobs and other foes, completing quests and instances etc. FFXI Gil is used mainly to buy weapons, armors and consumables from auction house and from other players' bazaars. You can also buy services from other players such as teleports and raise. Another way to spend FFXI Gil is to purchase items from NPC traders. The maximum amount of gil you can possess is 999.999.999, and the maximum you can send via delivery box equals to 1.000.000. Looking for FFXI Gil? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers with FFXI currency!