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Final Fantasy XI Items

Check latest FFXI Items offers. Final Fantasy XI has a variety of items but what you are really interested in are endgame items. Armors and weapons for level 99 characters has an attribute known as Item Level. Although the level at which an item can be worn remains 99, the statistics of FFXI items will continue to increase as it's level increases. FFXI Items level is directly connected with content level, which determines the difficulty of content. Content levels begin at level 1 which reffers to level 100 items. Highest item level at this moment is level 119. Items with level above 100 grants player with many statistic and attribute improvements as a substitution to normal levels which cannot exceed level 99. When equipped with an item level weapon, certain benefits are applied to the player. Tired of endless grind? Have no time to play and want to get rid of unused FFXI Items? Check MMOAuctions, the only portal providing you with possibility to put offers with your virtual goods!