FlyFF Items

Items in Fly for Fun

There is a huge variety of FlyFF items which reffers to everything that can be obtained, sold or equipped. Equipment consists of anything that can be used by character in order to enhance one's aesthetics and combat power. Among equipment you will find weapons such as swords, axes, yoyos, bows, staves, wands, knuckles and sticks. There are also plenties of armors, however each armor type is dedicated for different classes, Vagrants can wear Vagrant Armor, Acrobat Armor can be worn by Jester and Ranger, Magician Armor can be worn by Elementor and Psykeeper, Assist Armor can be worn by Billposter and Ringmaster etc. You will also find a variety of Jewelery such as rings, necklaces and earrings. Apart from equipment there are also miscellaneous FlyFF items which your character can possess such as consumables or essential ones - brooms and boards. Looking for FlyFF Items? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers from players worldwide!