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Gaia Online Accounts

Check the latest offers for Gaia Accounts. In Gaia Online you can participate in lots of activities provided by a number of flash games. Players can win variety of different things and gold from these games. One of these is zOMG. It is a browser based MMORPG on Gaia where players can battle monsters and participate in RPG-style quests. Players do not level up in a classical way - instead they collect Charge Orbs applicable to their special rings which allows them to perform skill attacks. Another game available on Gaia Online is called Smashblox. The game tests your dexterity and timing at destroying blocks. You need to clear the board to score as many points as possible. You can participate in tournament of Smashblox - to do so you need to pay entrance with Gaia Cash - you can win prize of Gaia Gold. Among other activities there are virtual worlds to explore with towns implemented. Looking for well developed Gaia Online account? Check MMOAuctions for the latest Gaia Accounts offers connected with Gaia Online!