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Gaia Online Gold

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Buy Gaia Online Gold

As we said, you can use the Gaia Online Gold to buy pretty much anything that you may want in the game! It’s not a traditional MMO, so there’s no fear of creating a P2W environment. Gaia definitely has some qualities of a video game, but its main focus is the discussions and other social interactions that you have as your avatar. Gold is a really important aspect of Gaia Online, even the people who spend real money on the game, prioritized the gold-related items over any other products available in the cash shop.

Players can earn Gaia Gold by engaging in different activities on the website and its forums: creating topics, writing comments, voting in polls, playing minigames and much more. The system has been designed to reward the users for positive interactions with fellow players. The collected gold can be spent on a variety of amazing items that can help you express yourself in the world of Gaia Online. Buy a supply of gold and use it to get anything you want!

Gaia Online has been founded at the beginning of 2003 as a website for the anime fans. Around 2004 it went through a major transformation that introduced a lot of gamification elements. The list includes the game currency, customizable avatars that can explore multiple locations, minigames and much more. If you’re an anime fan, make sure to check it out. If you like it, come back to buy gold at MMOAuctions! Besides gold, Gaia also has a premium currency called Gaia Cash.