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Gaia Online Items

There is a huge variety of Gaia Online items, each with different purpose. Among them you will find those assigned to different categories. Some Gaia items like monthly collectibles are special items that can be bought with real money meant to support Gaia's maintenances and expenses. They are obtained as Sealed Envelopes which can be bought at 1st day of every month and released at 15th day of the month. Once opened, it is replaced with "Thank You Letter" which provieds you with one of two or three limited edition items. Evolving Gaia items are ones that evolve over time. With each new evolution the set of available poses of item are changed. When item is fully evolved, all previous evolution's poses become available. There are also Chance Items. Users may participate in chance mini-game and the item they are granted with depends on their success in the game. Looking for Gaia Online items? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual Gaia Online Items offers from players and traders worldwide!