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Game of War Fire Age Resources

In order to build a well functioning empire you need to obtain certain amount of several primary GOW resources. One of them is Stone - it is harvested in quarries of your city or found in random quarries located on the map. Wood is another primary GOW resource. It is being felled in logging camps in your city or in random logging camps. Next essencial resource is food which is being made on farms in the city or on the map. Food is consumed by troops so the bigger your army is, the more food will be required to keep it functioning. Ore is another primary GoW resource used to develop your kingdom. It can be harvested from mines in the city or on the map. Final primary resource is Silver which can be obtained from villas in the city or forts on the map. All of the primary resources can be acquired through a successful attack on an enemy city and can also be captured by enemies attacking your city. Looking for Game of War resources? Check MMOAuctions for the latest Game of War offers!