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Grand Fantasia Accounts

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Progressing your character in Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia is a traditional MMORPG with tab-targeting combat and a complex class system. You can progress your character by leveling up, advancing your class, unlocking talents as well as tomes and much more! This whole process might seem a little tedious, especially if you don’t have gold or gear to make it a little bit faster.

Every character starts as the same entry class – Novice. At level 5, you will receive the quest called Choose Your Path that results in picking your class. The available ones are: Fighter, Hunter, Spellcaster, Acolyte, Mechanic and Wanderer. After that, you’ll advance your class at level 15 and later make another choice as you hit 30. This is the final decision that will determine your character’s skill set. Beyond that point, there are only linear advancements at levels 65, 85 and 90. The current level cap is set at 100.

If you buy an already developed account, you can get access to multiple powerful characters. It’s an opportunity to get a taste of the Grand Fantasia endgame content without having to commit that much time. The early part of the game is not going anywhere – you can always decide to create a new character and explore the low-level content.

Grand Fantasia has been released in 2009 - it’s an interesting MMORPG by X-Legend Entertainment and Aeria Games. Besides developing their characters, players also have little helpers called Sprites. They can assist with multiple different parts of the game, such as mining, gathering, hunting and alchemy. You can buy the best Grand Fantasia accounts right here – at MMOAuctions!