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Cheating and botting in Grand Fantasia

In the history of Grand Fantasia, there were quite a few bots and hacks. After all, we’re talking about a rather slow-paced MMORPG with tab-targeting and a decent emphasis on the good old grind. The controls are relatively simple and there’s a lot to be gained from reducing your downtime and using some kind of software to perform useful actions as you’re away from keyboard.

Let’s take a look at the functions that were (or still are) available in some of the most popular bots and hacks.

First of all, there’s all the stuff related to Sprites. The bots will program your little helpers to automatically gather valuable supplies and train their skills. You can even program a specific route that your character is supposed to follow in order to optimize your gains.

There were also ways to program your character for grinding and collecting loot from killed monsters. Once again, you could plan specific routes that are going to be repeated over and over. Some of the bots feature options to auto-sell specific junk items that you’ll receive as common loot at the closest NPC vendor and even buy the necessary consumables!

In order to decrease the risk of getting detected and punished, the creators of these tools implemented some really interesting security measures. You can program an automatic response in chat if a player starts talking to you. The bot won’t be able to start a multiple-hour debate about the best anime waifus, but even a single short response might be enough to make your activities less suspicious.  

Besides bots, there are some ways to get a tangible advantage, as you can actually hack the game. Some of the most popular hacks in the past used to allow the player to cancel animations of their skills, letting them spam skills and kill enemies much faster. There also were cooldown hacks and cheats that allowed the player to guarantee the desired result in alchemy.

If you’re looking to buy and/or use any type of software that’s prohibited by the game devs, make sure to always get the best programs that are continuously updated. It also might be a good idea to disable them for a few days after a major patch drops - there might be new detection tools in place.