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Grand Fantasia Gold

Grand Fantasia offers you a well known currency system, known from classical MMOs, which is gold system. There are three denominations - copper pieces, silver pieces and Grand Fantasia gold pieces. One Grand Fantasia gold piece is an equivalent of one hundred silver pieces, and one silver piece equals to one hundred copper pieces. The amount of gold you are currently in the possession of is shown at the bottom left of your inventory. You can spend the gold at vendor NPC, trade with other players for gold, purchase items via auction house etc. In order to obtain gold you can loot killed mobs, complete quests, sell items to vendors, sell item to other players directly or via auction house. Once you have more than 99 of copper or silver it will automatically converse into higher denomination. Looking for Grand Fantasia gold? Check MMOAuctions for currency offers connected with Grand Fantasia! Trader seems not to be trustworthy? Don't worry! You can always check it with our special feature - Scamkiller!