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Grand Fantasia Gold

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Grand Fantasia Economy

As an old-school MMORPG, Grand Fantasia features a complex, player-driven economy system. A vast majority of the in-game items are tradable, so you can buy a lot of great gear and other stuff for gold. You spend this currency on items available from NPCs and for trading with other players. Even if a specific piece of equipment cannot be traded, Grand Fantasia gold can be used to buy recipes or materials. Crafting an item is just a formality when you can buy all the necessary components!

The game features a traditional approach where gear progression matters a lot. Getting a stronger weapon results in a significant increase of DPS. This in turn allows you to farm even faster, kill stronger monsters and complete more difficult game content. This exponential power growth is a tale as old as the MMORPG genre.

Buy Grand Fantasia gold and get all the extra power that you need. You still have to level up your character all by yourself. This means that you get to experience the whole journey with all of its parts. The supply of gold is just a facilitator that makes the process slightly easier, faster and more enjoyable.