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Grand Fantasia Items

You can find a huge variety of Grand Fantasia Items. Most of them are being dropped from monsters when killed. You will find such items as quest items, common items, normal items, upgrade chests, enhanced items, special items and fate boxes. Quest items are ones required for quests and are dropped as blue bags. Common items reffers to general Grand Fantasia items such as potions and junk, dropped as brown bags. Normal items are white-named equipment and are dropped as crates. Upgrade chests contains rare non-equipment items and are shown as a chest with gilded edging. Enhanced items are items with green names and will appear in the armor-plated chests. Special items reffers to blue-named equipment pieces and are very rare. Fate Box contains either bad or extremely rare items - they require a courageous soul to be opened. Looking for decent Grand Fantasia items? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for offers related with Grand Fantasia!