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Grand Fantasia Items

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Most Important Items in Grand Fantasia

There are lots of great items in Grand Fantasia. After all, it’s an old-school MMORPG where equipment is a huge part of the general power progression. Character level, gear and different unlockable items are the most important aspect of powering up your character.

The most crucial Grand Fantasia items can be divided into a few categories. First of all, there’s the combat gear. Each character has eight armor slots: head, body, legs, hands, feet, back, accessory and backpack. Then, we have to talk about offensive gear. Currently, there are 19 types of Grand Fantasia weapons – different character classes excel at using different ones.

Beyond that, there are the Talent items – they give you access to valuable passive skills, providing even more power to your character. There are Talent Cards, Blueprints, Fragments and Skills. Not all of these items can be traded, but it’s a possibility for a large part.

Besides, Grand Fantasia features mounts as well as various costumes and other vanity items. There are lots of useful things related to Sprites that allow you to empower them, change their appearance and even breed them! Finally, there are plenty of supplies that can be received from mining, hunting and foraging. Last but not least, players can trade various items related to alchemy: most importantly the Alchemy Clay and the Magic Alchemy Clay.

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