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Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure video game played from either a third-person or first-person perspective. It was developed by Rockstar North, published by Rockstar Games, it initially released on September 2013 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, then on November 2014 it became available on Playstation 4 and Xbox one, and finally on April 2015 Microsoft Windows users got to play this fabulous video game.


Players can do various things in GTA V. To progress in the main story, to push the plot further players have to complete missions - linear scenarios with certain objectives to fulfill. These missions are really diverse. You will steal cars, plan out heists, assassinate people, take part in drug distribution, torture hostages, steal planes and other aircraft vehicles, follow damn trains and so on and so on. Outside of missions players are able to freely roam the open world presented in this title. 


There are lots of activities that should satisfy each player. You can go hunting for deer, go to the cinema, play various sports like golf, tennis, darts, drug yourself into becoming an animal (literally you will be able to control animals after using a certain drug) and roam the world as a dog or a bird, crash your vehicles and jump out of a speeding car for some sweet ragdolls, fly a jet or a helicopter, rob a store, dive underwater and explore the raft, and spending your money on very obedient women. Or you can spend some time with Michael’s wife. But we do not recommend it. And of course you can cause mayhem and chaos, just shooting through civilians, running away from police, and murdering incoming waves of police, and military forces, just to respawn in a hospital and do it all again.  


The Setting

Everything happens in a fictional city of San Andreas, that was based on Southern California in USA. The story focuses on the story of three criminals that contrast with each other when it comes to their characters. Michael Townley, a well-off criminal that is being haunted by his past mistakes, living through his life with disloyal wife and spoiled kids, Trevor Phillips a sociopath with psychopathic tendencies, that does cruel things to people, even though he is aware of his actions and sometimes feels guilty about them, and Franklin Clinton a young and ambitious man, that wants to live and die for something that would matter in a larger scheme. These three arguably good men try to make it big in criminal life, only to realize that they are but pawns in a larger chess game that’s being played by powerful men. 


GTA 5 is the first game in this series that introduced players to 3 playable characters, that can be switched between each other during free-roaming parts of the game and during missions. While it was something new and absolutely unexpected, even disregarded in some instances before the game released, as it’s hard to make even one character’s story interesting enough to attract players for longer playthroughs, and creating 3 different characters with their own stories, characters that can interact with each other. Rockstar North succeeded in that field, and we’ve got three amazing main characters that will surely be remembered for a long time.  

Why is it so popular now?

While the game has been out for almost 6 years and was popular ever since, nowadays people come back to the game for the online content. There are lots of GTA V online servers where you can have fun with your friends and strangers. Lately, roleplaying servers are near the top of the games on streaming platforms, as the possibilities that Grand Theft Auto 5 provides are very vast and promising in their nature. 


Seeing what happens to the game 6 years after its release, GTA V definitely won’t die in several years, as it has one of the best engines to play out real-life scenarios. People just join Role Play servers and lead their second lives, as criminals, officers, soldiers in military units, doctors, as middle-class honest working people for some reason, etc. 


In our opinion, this is definitely the best time to start playing GTA V, if you haven’t found time for that in the past. And if you’ve played it, and ditched it at some time there won’t be a better time to join in again and play with other people in Grand Theft Auto Online. And while you could buy new fresh accounts from the official shop or websites, why should you start basically 6 years behind?


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Getting resources to use everything that can be accessed in GTA 5 Online takes a lot of time. And time, in our opinion, is the single most important resource that matters. The money we will spend, our belongings will break or we will lose them, while everything will crumble - Time was, is and will be ours, and the time we used for things we enjoy will never be lost.


It shows nowadays when people don’t have time for themselves. Everything is moving so fast and we are all forced to quickly adapt, there’s school, there’s work, there’s social life, our duties, partners, our children that we have to raise, parents we have to look after. There’s little to no free time in people’s lives, and it decreases each year. It’s harder to find time for things that we like as we need to spend it on other resources and actions.


Imagine this. You get a new fresh GTA 5 account, you hardly find time to play it. You get up early, get your children to school, go to work, come back, take your children back from school, do some housework, then maybe you get a chance to socialize with your friends (which has a really low chance of happening in adult life), then you come back, and you end up having about one hour left before you have to go to sleep so you don’t wake up as a zombie the next morning. And that’s one of the many cases, and it’s not the worst. Sometimes people have to work two jobs at the same time, having no social life whatsoever. It is truly depressing. And if you find a chance to play on your new account you have to do so many tedious things to access everything that a game has to offer. It feels like a chore. Why does that happen?

GTA 5 introduced a rank system that is heavily tied to what you can access in the game. You can do many things to increase it, you can complete certain missions, kill players, collect special cars, etc. With increasing rank, players will slowly gain access to special game-modes, better weapons that they can use in online missions, more customization options when it comes to their characters and account, new missions and more. Which means that to access everything that this fabulous game has to offer - you will have to spend a lot of time to get to use these things. 


Why should you work for something in-game if you are already working for so many things in your real life? If you want to join in, and enjoy the game content to its full potential, then buying the account is definitely the best choice. Find an account with a high rank, and a large amount of GTA 5 money in the bank and jump straight into the action!

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