GTA V Money

Money in GTA V

GTA V Money is an integral part of GTA series, presented as a statistic on player's HUD. GTA Money plays a central role in GTA online - multiplayer version of GTA V. It is used primarily for purchasing property, customizing items, and weapons. It has two variations - first one is money you are currently in the possession of on your character, also called "held" cash, represented by dark green money counter on the HUD. It is used for small and illegal transactions. When the player is killed in the free mode, the held GTA V money is dropped and can be picked up by other players. The second one is banked cash. You can deposit your GTA V money in the bank by visiting ATM or using Maze Bank website in phone/computer. It is used for a majority of transactions such as purchasing property, clothes, weapons or car customization. Looking for a decent amount of money in GTA Online? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual GTA V Money offers connected with GTA!