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GTA V Cheats

After 7 years from its launch, GTA V is still one of the best games ever made in history. There are many key things that explain the GTA V success: the amazing mechanics, the fun gameplay, the big multiplayer, the well-written story, and of course the GTA V Cheats. Since the beginning of gaming times, players are always looking for cheats in the game with the goal of customizing the experience and have a lot of fun. Of course, nobody likes a cheater in the multiplayer game mode but in the story mode cheats are an important part of the game.

Why are there cheats in GTA V?

Some people might think that cheating only leads to creating an unfair advantage for the player, therefore ruining the curve of difficulty and the sense of progressions that are supposed to be in most games. But the truth is that cheats are part of the GTA identity. Almost every GTA game has cheats and GTA V is not the exception. At first they were meant to be for playtesting purposes but when Rockstar realized that the game can be even more fun with the cheats they gave it to the players and they absolutely loved them.

Let the chaos reign in Los Santos

In the Grand Theft Auto saga you will never get bored. You can basically do anything you want in this game, and if that is not enough you can always use cheats to create a mess in the city of Los Santos. The activation of the cheat codes is simply made by pushing the buttons, joystick, triggers, and d-pad in your console controller or PC Keyboard. You should know, that every time you activate a cheat you won't be able to unlock any trophy in the game.

But worry not: after you restart the match, this won't be a problem. Other than that, there are no disadvantages to use GTA V cheats and have the time of your life. You can raise your wanted level if you want to fight more cops, you can fast run or fast swim to get sooner to a destination or you can activate the Drunk Mode and laugh at the scenarios that will pop in your screen. When we talk about GTA V Cheats, the sky is the limit.

The mountain top is waiting for you

GTA Online has managed to be one of the most played games on every platform for years. The Rockstar team never run out of new ideas and the players couldn’t be happier. If you think the main story of GTA V is ridiculously enjoyable when using cheats, then you’ll be amazed at how good GTA Online can be when you have enough money to spend on everything you want. 

The Grand Theft Auto formula is magic and authentic. No other game in the world provides the players with the feeling that GTA emanates from its core. This saga has been alive for a long time and will probably ever be active in the course of gaming history. So wait no more and start using GTA V cheats to have a great time and buy some GTA V Money to use in the Online section.