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GTA V Power Leveling

Grand Theft Auto series doesn’t really have to be introduced. The fifteenth release in the GTA series, and seventh as one of the five main titles - GTA V was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 17 September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. GTA 5 had gotten more releases, becoming accessible on platforms like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 18 November 2014, and finally - it released for Personal Computers with Microsoft Windows system on 14 April 2015.


Released five years after the former main entry - GTA IV - players were really excited when the game was announced. They were so hyped, that the demand for PS4 and Xbox One consoles suddenly rose, as people prepared for this game to finally come out, they’ve even planned on taking a vacation from work just to have a chance to play GTA 5 day and night. The question is, did the game stood up to the hype?


Grand Theft Auto V today is rated as one of the best games of all time. The game gained huge amount praise from gamel critics and players all over the world, thanks to an alive open world sandbox mechanics, engaging story, interesting characters, and lots of available activities, tens of thousands of players still play the game, mainly Online, thanks to growing GTA Online Roleplay community.


Why Purchase Boosting


To get everything out of this game will take time. This is because a huge amount of content is locked behind the Account Rank. To reach ranks you will have to increase the number of your Reputation Points, that will be gained by completing special tasks, missions, doing daily objectives, collecting special cars, killing other players, losing wanted level etc.


And the things you get by unlocking next ranks will surely pique your interest. You will unlock new weapons that you will be able to take with you on your missions and heists. You will also unlock activities and missions themselves. That was a great move from Rockstar Games, as unlocking next parts of the game by playing the game is a classic old-school way of progression, that is not entirely locked by downloadable content that can be purchased for real-life money. If you are a true gamer this is the best case scenario for you, as you simply have to play the game to unlock new content. It’s a smooth progression process. And of course, by doing so, people need to spend more time to experience everything, making the community more healthy and lasting. It’s a fun journey.


Not only that. Your character has its own set of skills that have to be improved to have a chance against other players. Your skills will be leveled up when you use them. To sprint, for a longer time you will have to get yourself a bike and cycle around the map, which increases stamina. If you want to step up your stealth game you will have to stealth a lot, to reduce the sound of your footsteps while jogging and running, which is especially useful in deathmatch. To increase shooting you will have to either shoot other players or access the shooting range. And there are many other skills, like Strength, Driving, Swimming, and Flying. Everything is important


And let’s not forget about money. Money in Grand Theft Auto will give you all the goods that you will need to enjoy activities in the game. Better and faster cars. More weapons. And basically the privilege to just waste money on cool in-game things.


But it takes a lot of time. It’s a perfect case scenario for people that can commit to the game. People that don’t have many responsibilities, people that still attend school have that time to play games. But what about working people with a huge amount of day-to-day responsibilities? What if having only that one hour is considered a good gaming day? What if this hour will happen, but only once a week?


This is why a professional Boosting Service is useful in modern times. If you don’t have time to progress through the game, and want to play at the highest level, accessing every part that is blocked behind the wall of a long-term relationship with in-game activities, then purchasing an account or an account boost seems like the best idea. And if you think that’s true as well - then we are happy to announce that if you ended up on, then you are in the right place.


About The Game


Grand Theft Auto 5 is a third-person action game (with the possibility of playing it from the first-person perspective), that focuses on the story and the adventure that players have the privilege to take. Players are tasked with completing exciting linear scenarios to progress in the games’ story, slowly climbing the criminal ladder, with scenarios becoming more and more chaotic and evil, from simple car stealing to complicated planned heists and tortures.


GTA 5 is the first title to introduce us to not one, not two, but three main characters, that players can play as, and change between them during gameplay and some missions. Franklin Clinton is an ambitious young man that looks for something more in his life, trying to do something that will make the difference, creating his own legacy. Michael De Santa is a miserable man, with an unfaithful wife and disrespectful children. Haunted by his past mistakes, burdened with his midlife crisis that causes him to finally snap - Michael comes back to his criminal life that he thought he had left behind. Trevor Phillips is a violent and unpredictable sociopath with a twisted sense of morality, that excels in causing pure chaos, while still caring for people he respects and people he works with, unless they show any signs of weakness or fear.


Each character has its own personality and set of skills and special abilities that will aid you in criminal life. Franklin excels at driving cars, with a special ability called Driving Focus, that allows you to slow down time, dramatically increasing the steering precision, slowing down time, allowing you to escape dangerous crashes with precise maneuvers and sharp corner cutting. Michael’s long-time experience with weapons shows through his Bullet Time special ability. Like in classic Max Payne series, Michael slows down time during shootouts enabling him to quickly dispatch enemies quickly and without much risk. Trevor excels in causing pure chaos as mentioned before, and his Red Mist special ability shows it. Trevor gets filled with pure rage, increasing his damage done with weapons, and dramatically decreasing his damage taken making him close to invincible. Trevor becomes a true relentless Terminator, approaching gunfights head on.


Outside of main missions, players get a huge sandbox - open world that feels truly alive. Free-roam is definitely the best activity that can be done in this game. Outside of beautiful visuals and breathtaking locations that players can access by using flying and driving vehicles, you can just walk the streets with a Machine-gun in your hand causing absolute mayhem, just killing next waves of running pedestrians and police or military force that tries to stop you.


There are many socially-accepted activities. You can hunt for animals and use less socially-accepted drugs that allow you to enter bodies of animals in a more happy and decent meaning of that word, literally becoming the animal and roaming the word as a bird or a dog. You will be able to partake in some sports like golf and tennis, dive underwater, play darts, run a triathlon, doing stunts with various vehicles, or just using a fun mechanic of jumping out of speeding cars or motorcycles, if you are a true Chad.


The Competition of Grand Theft Auto V Online


Grand Theft Auto 5 has a large Online community that is constantly growing thanks to the popularity of roleplay servers that lets players live their second criminal or lawful life. Players take roles of criminals, terrorists, mafia members, police force, or just plain citizens doing their job.


People compete against each other when it comes to power and popularity, especially on RP servers. GTA V RP has a large streaming community, and that’s the main reason for that. People want to do things that will be recognized by others, things that would make them special in the eyes of others.


This requires not only the knowledge and skills of a player, but it also requires in-game money, in-game stats, and in-game skills that you possess as a part of your account and character. And it can take a long time to achieve stats, that would let you do these amazing deeds.

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