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In order to keep these transactions as safe as possible, we introduced a user rank system and the Scam Killer. The former is pretty simple – as you keep trading and acquiring happy customers, your rank will raise. Buying from traders with the highest status levels is always a good idea – it allows you to avoid the less trustworthy people. Scam Killer is a database that contains contact information of known scammers. We strongly suggest that you use it at the start of each transaction. Copy-paste your trading partner’s email address or Skype ID into this tool and it will perform a quick background check. If the record is clear - go on with your deal. If anything pops up – break off the transaction.

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Guild Wars Trading

The first Guild Wars might be quite an old MMORPG at this point in time, but some of its ideas were quite revolutionary. The game has a really low-level cap that can be reached in a day or two. Getting the optimal stats from items also is quite simple (even though the most popular runes, inscriptions and item parts can get quite expensive). GW heavily focuses on cosmetic itemization, with beautifully designed armor sets, rare weapon skins and incredibly expensive accessories.

Armor items are bound to characters that buy them, but gold and all materials are entirely tradable. Moreover, the prices of materials at the NPC traders are affected by demand. This whole situation creates a great player-driven economy without power creep.

Players have an incentive to farm Globs of Ectoplasm and Obsidian Shards in order to craft the most incredible items. They have to grind for materials necessary for the amazing armor sets. Finally, you have to clear dungeons, open chests and kill specific opponents to find the desired weapon skins and dyes. All that makes your character look incredibly cool, but doesn’t give any meaningful stat advantage over a player who just hit level 20 and got the much less impressive, first max level armor set and weapon.

Besides all the weapons, parts, dyes, runes, sigils and common as well as rare materials, players can trade other vanity items. The everlasting tonics allow the player’s character to shapeshift into some incredible creatures and mini-pets that follow you around make for stylish companions.

Then, you can always buy a full, well-developed account or power leveling/boosting services. The accounts are rather self-explanatory. Get a really nice one and you’ll have access to multiple strong characters with amazing armors, weapons and supply of gold as well as materials.

The boosting part is slightly less obvious. Guild Wars players can unlock various titles by performing specific tasks or farming reputation. This process can be really time-consuming and getting someone else to do that for you might be a good idea. Moreover, there are the Hall of Monuments (HoM) rewards that can give you tangible rewards in Guild Wars 2!