Guild Wars Power Leveling

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Guild Wars Power Leveling

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Guild Wars Progression

As you may already know, Guild Wars has a relatively low level cap. It’s set at level 20. Moreover, the process of gathering experience is actually quite fast (especially if you’re not starting in the Prophecies campaign). While the old school grinding and killing monster after monster yields very limited EXP rewards, you can get a lot as rewards for completing quests and missions. This could make the traditional power leveling services pretty much obsolete.

That being said, there’s much more to GW progression than just getting to level 20. A large portion has to do with the various reputation tracks that are available in the game. All the Guild Wars expansions after Prophecies have introduced certain NPC organizations that can teach the players certain PvE-only skills and sell amazing armor sets.

In Factions, it was Luxons and Kurzicks. In Nightfall, we have the Sunspears and Order of Whispers (the Lightbringer tile). Finally, Eye of the North introduced Asura, Deldrimor, Norn and Ebon Vanguard. Maxing out all these reputation tracks can take a lot of time and besides the titles, they also empower the skills associated with them. Getting a reputation boost can be quite valuable.

Moreover, collecting all the titles themselves can be a goal to strive for. Getting the prestigious God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals title to show off to other players is always an interesting option. That being said, some of the required titles are not as fun to get as the others. The GW players have always complained about getting the Cartographer titles or the Survivor one. It might be a good idea to get someone else to do that frustrating part for you.

Finally, there are the Hall of Monuments (HoM) reward points. They became incredibly important after the release of Guild Wars 2. You have to link your accounts in both games and you’ll receive some valuable rewards in GW2 for your HoM progression in the first game. It’s a great option for people who want the extra stuff but are not interested in playing the original Guild Wars.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to get Guild Wars Power Leveling and Boosting services!