Guild Wars Items

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Guild Wars Items

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Item System in Guild Wars

The original Guild Wars feature an interesting itemization system. The vast majority of gearing up and endgame is focused around the aesthetics instead of actual power. Getting the perfect stats on armor and weapon is relatively easy. Nothing is given out for free, but the items are not as difficult to get as you would otherwise expect from a 15-year-old MMORPG.

The economy is based on supply and demand – the changes apply even to the NPC trader prices. Some of the most desirable runes and insignia can demand pretty high prices, but you can easily find some slightly weaker replacements or alternatives. The majority of Guild Wars content doesn’t require the perfect gear, as long as you’re able to walk out of enemy AoE attacks. Besides, you can always upgrade your components later into the game.

That being said, Guild Wars is not entirely free from grinding – it’s just optional. Instead of struggling to find extra power, players have to put in effort in order to get the most desirable armor sets, weapon skins, accessories and other vanity items. Fortunately, you can get others to do this hard work for you. Buy the most amazing Guild Wars items at MMOAuctions and make your character look even cooler!

Most Desirable GW Items

Let’s take a look at some of the most valuable items in the entire Guild Wars. First of all, there are a few really impressive and rare weapon skins. The examples include Chaos Axe, Voltaic Spear, Fiery Dragon Sword, Icy Dragon Sword, Storm Bow and many more!

The completed armor sets and accessories are not tradable, but many traders sell the whole material packs necessary to buy the most prestigious armors. The most popular sets are Obsidian, Vabbian, Elite Luxon and Elite Kurzick. As far as accessories go, there are a lot of them. Some of the examples include Destroyer Gauntlets, Chaos Gloves, Dread Mask, Blindfold and many others!

Of course, you don’t have to buy whole sets – there also are traders who sell the most valuable materials like Globs of Ectoplasm, Obsidian Shards and more. At the same time, you can get dyes and plenty of other items. Some of them – such as Zaishen Coins, Zaishen Keys, etc. - might be used as resources inside of the game. Others include sweets and drinks (required to reach certain titles) and pure vanity items like everlasting tonics that allow you to shapeshift and mini-pets that follow you around.

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