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Habbo Trading

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Habbo Economy

The whole structure of Habbo economy could be (and probably is) written about in academic papers. This innocent-looking browser networking service has spawned whole casinos and pyramid schemes running entirely on the in-game currency. There still is a lot of money to be made on this fascinating online phenomenon, as some of the clothing items and furniture elements keep fetching incredibly high prices on the real money trading markets.

Habbo is not exactly a game, it’s a website where people can pilot their avatars and interact with each other. There’s no real progression other than customizing your room and your character’s appearance. The entirety of trading is based on Credits – they’re a premium currency and there are no free ways of earning them within Habbo (unless another player gives them to you). Obviously, Credits are available in the official Habbo shop. There’s a f2p currency called Duckets, but you can’t get a lot for them.

This network developed an advanced capitalist system with some users buying large amounts of Credits in order to “hire” other players and pay them wages, create various gambling establishments et cetera. The casinos allowed the rich players to become even wealthier, just like the real-life ones in Las Vegas. Even if someone scores a big hit once for a while, the owners tend to generate a lot of profit from people with high hopes and tons of enthusiasm.

It’s an interesting system that allowed even the free-to-play users to decorate their rooms, as long as they were willing to participate in the activities or games organized by the magnates. Instead of grinding by killing monsters or completing repetitive quests, the Habbo Hotel guests would grind by working corporate jobs (for other players) or participating in giveaways.

All the Habbo furniture is tradable. The same obviously goes for the game’s currencies – Credits, Duckets, Diamonds and other seasonal ones such as Pumpkins, Snowflakes et cetera. You can get all the decorations you want in your room through real money trading! Besides, there’s always an option to buy a whole account or some effective hacks and cheats.