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Habbo Furni

Furniture, also called "Habbo Furni", are virtual items that has certain use in Habbo. They are being used to decorate and customize rooms. Habbo Furni comes in many different styles and colors and each one of them has different purpose. There are two main types of furni which are Normal and Rare. Rare comes in two denominations which are Normal Rares and Super Rares. Furni can be obtained by purchasing it with Habbo credits, winning games, participating in events or by trading with other users for other Habbo Furni. You will find items fit for floor and for wall. 95% of all Furni are floor items, for instance Thrones, Gold Bars, Kitchen Items etc. Examples of wall items are windows, flags, stickie notes, posters etc. You can put wall items on top of each other with a limit at time. Looking for Habbo furni? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers connected with Habbo!