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Habbo Furni

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Different Types of Habbo Furniture

The majority of activities in Habbo are motivated by the players’ favorite furniture. The users often spend their first bucks on the game in order to put some nice things inside their rooms. The furni market is a major part of the game’s economy and there are plenty of players willing to flip it for profit. Getting a valuable piece of furniture can actually be a more lucrative investment than starting with a supply of Credits. Some furni will keep gaining value over time – that’s not something that can be said about Habbo Coins.

Furni can be divided into two basic categories: Normal (Norms) and Rares. The latter group can be further split up based on the rarity tiers. They’re not enforced in the game by any way – they’re not color-coded or anything like that. The classification is generally based on the amount of copies of certain item on the market and the prices that it can fetch.

Norms are the least interesting ones – they’re frequently sold in the Catalogue (in-game furniture store). These pieces of furniture are available either at all times or at least very often. Players don’t really trade them a lot, unless someone wants to sell them cheaper than their Catalogue prices.

Rares are items that have been widely available in the past, but it’s no longer the case. They’re usually much more valuable than they were earlier on. That being said, they prices don’t go sky high as long as there are lots of them on the market.

Then, we have to talk about Super Rares and Ultra Rares. These are some of the most elusive furni in the entire Habbo. They usually had really limited releases and there are very few of them available in the game. These objects are often worth thousands of Credits, what makes them the most expensive items in Habbo.