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Cheating in Habbo

People spend whole lots of time and real money in order to get the Habbo credits that they can later use to buy their favorite furniture. That being said, Habbo is just a browser game/social networking site that launched in 2000. Over the years there have been multiple successful attempts to breach its security and hack the game.

Gameplay-wise, Habbo is not that complex. There’s no way to setup bots that will accumulate wealth or get some weird third-party cheats to defeat someone in a game. The only mini-games in Habbo are created by its users. There are plenty of ways to cheat in them, as long as you’re the host and you’re able to setup the wired boxes in an advantageous way. That being said, doing so doesn’t require any third-party software – you just need some initial capital and game knowledge.

The only way to hack Habbo is through generating extra resources. These tools are difficult to find and strictly prohibited by the developers (after all, they hit the main profitable aspect of Habbo – revenue from the Credit shop), but there are ways to use them. They allow you to generate coins or other Habbo currencies that you can later spend on buying items from the Catalogue or from other players. You’re essentially just printing money!

Of course there are some precautions that you should take. If you suddenly start generating and spending millions of coins, you will most certainly get caught. Similarly to all the other prohibited software, you want to keep low-profile and use the newest tools that have the best anti-detection features. Besides, if a seller tells you that they need your items or login credentials, you’re most likely getting scammed, so don’t fall for that. Additionally, check their contact details in the ScamKiller. Stay safe while trading online!