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Habbo Currency

Habbo Coins is currency used for purchasing goods, pets and services. Habbo had many currencies released throughout the time and some of them are still being added for special occasions, however  there are three basic ones available which are Habbo Coins, Duckets and Diamonds. Habbo Coins are the basic currency. Duckets were introduced to replace previous currency called "pixels"; it's a secondary currency which is given out the more you stay active in Habbo, and every time you log in. There is a certain limit for how many you can obtain at time. Diamonds are earned by buying credits for real money from Habbo Mall. You receive one diamond for every purchased credit. For every 120 credits you purchase in a month you will receive an extra 120 diamonds. Looking for Habbo Gold Coins? Or maybe you want to get rid of spare amounts of coins in Habbo? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers from players and traders worldwide!