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Habbo Currency

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Trading in Habbo

The guests of Habbo Hotel are all about earning Credits and buying furniture. Trading furni is one of the most important pillars of Habbo economy (next to various user-created games that allow the players to stake Credits and win the rewards). A nice stock of currency allows you to buy various items when they’re cheap and later sell them for profit. All of Habbo trading is being done on a person-to-person level, without the main marketplace. This means that an active player who knows what they’re doing should be able to easily find multiple profit opportunities, as long as they have enough coins to invest.

All furni is tradable, so there are tons of possibilities while playing the market. As it often happens, the older items that are not available in the game shop anymore have become more valuable over the years. Whenever there’s a player-driven market economy, there also are players selling undervalued items. There can also be buyers for the overpriced stuff. After all, that’s the most popular way of making money in multiple games, even though the method is inherently risky.

Besides the furniture, you can also invest your coins in multiple other ways. Creating underground casinos, organizing multiple types of games and giveaways are all great methods. The other option is engaging in the system of agencies and corporations, either through creating a new one and becoming an owner, or joining an already existing one and reaching high status. Just like in real life – large amounts of currency open a lot of doors in Habbo – both metaphorical and literal.

Get a supply of Habbo Credits and spend it however you want! It’s a great option, no matter if you want to just get some nice furniture for your room or become a corporate baron who runs a huge, profitable organization. Remember, you can always start selling your currency for real money as soon as you have constant income of Habbo Coins.