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Habbo Accounts

Check latest Habbo Accounts offers. Most of the gameplay in Habbo happens inside the actual hotel consisting of a Flash client. Within the client players can chat with other users, play user-hosted games, build rooms, trade furni with each other and take part in roleplay. Players communicate with each other via chat - their world appear inside a bubble with their nickname and their Habbo's avatar head. Movement is made by clicking on a tile in a room. All navigation is centered in "Navigator". It allows users to travel to other rooms inside the hotel. Apart of transportation, Navigator also provides you with basic information about rooms, such as descriptions, current online users, privacy setting and hosted events. There is a huge community from all around the world. By purchasing furni and trading with others players can design their own hotel rooms and create a social space for themselves and their friends. Looking for well developed Habbo accounts? Check MMOAuctions for the latest Habbo accounts offers!