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Enables subscription for selected game or server that notifies you via email/push notification every time when someone adds a new offer.
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Habbo Accounts

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Habbo Account Trading

Habbo has always been a website that involved a lot of trading, both inside and outside of the game. Within the Habbo Hotel, the players exchanged coins for various types of furniture and spend it on participating in various minigames organized by others. You could also buy Credits straight from the game shop – that’s how Habbo earns a large portion of its revenue.

Outside of the website, real money trading has flourished. People still buy and sell items, currency and accounts. The accounts are a really interesting part of this conversation. Besides all the useful and valuable resources that they could have, there is a whole different aspect to them.

Each Habbo account is associated to just a single character. You choose your username as you register and the inactive accounts are taking up a lot of the names. They’re not getting deleted, unless the users decide to do so themselves. This makes the short or popular usernames another vanity resource available to Habbo players. As long as they have access to old account, or are willing to pay for them.

Even though everybody knows about the real money trading in Habbo, it still is prohibited by the developers. That’s why, when browsing accounts you won’t be able to instantly see the names. It’s too risky as it might result in their valuable goods getting banned. Whenever you find a potentially interesting offer, just message the seller for extra information. There is also a ScamKiller feature here at MMOAuctions, that will help you avoid illicit traders. Besides, you might get some nice furni and a hefty amount of coins as a bonus!