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Heroes of the Storm Market

Like many other MOBAs, Heroes of the Storm doesn’t have a complex player-to-player trading system. You can of course permanently progress your account through unlocking new heroes, skins, mounts et cetera. However, the power progression takes place during every match and starting a new game means having to get experience and items all over again – that’s the unique flavor of the MOBA genre.

This is why the HoTS trading is mostly based on accounts and boosting services. It’s not that easy to access all the playable heroes, especially if you’re also interested in skins, mounts and other types of unlockable content. Boosting is rather self-explanatory – every competitive game with a ranked ladder has people who are willing to help other players achieve the higher ranks for money. Since the game is heavily focused on co-operation (often with randomly assigned teammates), there might be some frustration associated with the inability to climb the rank ladder as fast you want and the feeling of being held down by your teammates.

Overall, Heroes of the Storm is a great, original MOBA that clearly separates itself from the competition. High tempo and large emphasis on cooperation as well as teamfights make it a great choice for the more casual MOBA fans. Besides, HotS players don’t have to last hit minions in order to get gold and the average match time is significantly shorter than in LoL and Dota 2.

Get all the best virtual goods for Heroes of the Storm and use them to have even more fun in this dynamic game! Get the possibility to play all the 88 available heroes! Slay your opponents and destroy their forts on all the different maps!