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Heroes of the Storm Gold

Check out the most lucrative offers of Heroes of the Storm Gold! It’s a currency that you can use to unlock playable characters, skins and much more! Don’t wait and get yourself a full stock of HotS Gold!


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Importance of Heroes of the Storm Gold

There currently are 88 playable heroes in Heroes of the Storm. All of them have some amazing skins. The only way to unlock all of that content is by buying it with Gold. HotS is not like Dota – you actually have to spend the in-game currency to get access to all the characters. You can earn HotS Gold by playing the game, winning your matches, and completing specific achievements. You can also buy it directly from Blizzard for real money.

When talking about gold in MOBAs, most people imagine the situation from League of Legends and Dota. They think about the currency that you can earn within the match and that’s only relevant to this specific game. Heroes of the Storm has an entirely different approach. This MOBA made last-hitting minions completely irrelevant. Players don’t earn any currency during the match – it’s all about shared team experience and making the right choices when leveling up and spending talents. The game is much more about coordination and teamwork than it’s about carrying your team 1v9.

Over the years, many players have complained about how little Gold the game actually gives you. Farming up to unlock a few of your favorite heroes can take a really long time. That’s without even considering the optional content like skins and mounts. Moreover, you actually need a big enough roster of characters in order to even be eligible for the ranked queue. That’s why buying gold from online sellers might be a good idea. It’s one of the fastest ways of getting all the desired heroes, skins and mounts!

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA that has been developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It has been initially released in 2015. It’s known for its use of the previously established characters from many Blizzard’s franchises and for the more casual approach to this genre. While the professional scene died down relatively quickly, HotS remains a really interesting MOBA to play with your friends.