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LOL Accounts

LoL account allows playing the game. In League of Legends, players are assigned to two opposing 5-person teams. Each team starts a game in the opposing corners of the map in their base. To win the match, the team must destroy the opposing team's nexus. To destroy nexus, players must work through a series of towers called turrets, that are situated along three paths connecting the bases. By completing game objectives the player's champion can be developed which means the champion's combat and defensive abilities are increased. Players are also obliged to buy items at shop situated at their fountain base in order to increase their combat abilities. There are 4 skills to be chosen assigned to Q W E R keys. Every champion has a unique set of skills. There are also three game modes present in the game which are Classic, Dominion and ARAM. Looking for well developed League of Legends accounts? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual lol account offers from players and traders worldwide or set up your own offer within 60 seconds! Buy League of Legends Account only at mmoauctions.com!

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LOL Accounts

The League of Legends game is definitely a distinctive computer game. Many people compare it to the popular DOTA 2 game. It's impossible to disagree with such an opinion. The most important thing about League of Legends is having an account. The main condition for starting it is to have a minimum of 13 years, but that's not all. Such a person should ask an adult (preferably one of the parents) to read the rules of the game and accept it. In this way, a person over 13 years of age can participate legally in computer competitions. 

Once you have your account created we have to come up with your summoner name. It seems trivial but unfortunately, there are cases that people who set up an account are of different denomination/origin. They want to present their name in the game to their disadvantage. It should be mentioned that racist or insulting user names will be suspended with the possibility of changing them. Setting an incorrect username is just a waste of time you’ll spend on changing and contacting Riot. By doing such things, you also lose the time of support, and your account will not have the best opinion among players and administrators. You have to remember that you from the very beginning you are making a name for yourself so take care of your account. 

Each of us, when starting their adventure with League of Legends, wanted to advance to the level 30. It is worth mentioning that time is more valuable than money - and thus, it is important to know the privacy policy with such labor-intensive work. Nobody would want to lose their account on, for example, a North American server. It's easy to count: 30 level is about 150 won matches, assuming that on average that the match lasts 30 minutes, the total time to obtain such a result is 75 hours! Not taking into account the fact that we often buy lol for hard-earned money on the account - which increases the quality of the account. In that case, it's worth using Riot Games support and securing your account according to their recommendations. The most important thing is to take care of your account in the right order. First, you need to take care of safety and then get on with playing and having fun. It should also be remembered that when the game is boring you should not sell your account! The person who buys such an account will undervalue or overstate the level of gameplay with his skills, and this is connected with the game of unfair play.


Riot games employees have a very difficult task to determine if the person playing the account is the owner. It is not known from today that the example servers: North America, Nordic east, Latin America south, north latin, EU west, Latin America north etc. they have a completely different level of gameplay. It is often compared that one server of the rank gold is equal to another on the engine. So deciding whether a player has a second account or bought is extremely difficult.


Returning to the moment when you create an account, you should also remember to give your real data. There are a few arguments that speak in favor of not giving fictitious data. The first and probably the most important one is that when your account is hacked, YOU are still in a winning position. Thanks to the fact that the data can be easily verified and thus you will be able to recover your account after the appropriate procedures.


And what if there is a situation that a friend comes and wants to play on your account? This is a difficult situation, where it is recommended that such a person should set up their own account. It can then come to a situation that's colloquially called boosting. Everyone prefers their individual level. If he plays for them, the opposing team or allies lose or gain what is not allowed and this should be avoided. A possible solution is to let the familiar person activate the bots mode. Then nobody will be hurt and the fun will be the same.

Buy League of Legends Account

You can often find various social networks groups on Facebook, Twitter etc. where people are selling their accounts. It is very dangerous for a few reasons. Permanent closing of the sold account is one of the options that is obvious. However, there are several other possibilities during the transaction where you can be scammed. Apart from the fact that the buyer can lose money and not get an account. Not only that - he will not report such an event anywhere, because according to the regulations it is not allowed, and she would automatically report it automatically. If the transaction came to an end and the account would be sold ... The game would clearly see a level difference if the player was on a different market than the seller and the account can be reported after the match.


Finally, it's worth mentioning that having a League of Legends accounts is not just a chance to play. In the client of this game, there is a store where we can buy skins and champions. By using the store in the league of legends client, we can use the shopping cart and buy RP, ie the currency in the game. In this way, we can buy rare skins for attitudes, but they will not help us win in the so-called. ranked games. There are a lot of players who simply collect skins for character data. There are several ways to get one. The easiest way is simply buying. However, you can draw them in boxes, which you can also buy or get after a successful game played earlier. A common problem for collectors is the fact that some skins cannot simply be bought. You need some luck to get some. The system is constructed in such a way that a certain amount can be obtained only from boxes. Also, there are skins that can be unlocked using "gemstone". They are magical stones, which are also available only from crates. However, that's not all you can buy. If the players are impatient, they can buy power-ups, which will increase the level of experience with every game - thanks to which we will advance to a higher level faster.


Play the top online game with a platinum account! Gain access to accounts with every champion unlocked at the lowest price! Thanks to our scam-killer database our trades are secure without risk of being banned! League of Legends is a free game but progress is not, why waste time on dull and frustrating leveling process when you can get a diamond smurf account in few days and enjoy the high end of the gameplay. Stuck in bronze but at heart you feel you are a challenger? Thanks to our multiple region support you can get a head-start with a premade account in any of the following regions: Russia, Turkey, Brazil, EUNA, EUW, Oceania and Japan. Pay using various methods: credit cards, PayPal, ISN. Tired of constant issues on other sites with poor mobile support, terrible product description and no safety guarantee? Choose mmoauctions.com where you are always protected! Get your lol account now! Simple unraked game account? Smurf account? We’ve got them all! Buy an account today! But mmoauctions.com isn’t all about league accounts, we also have Final Fantasy XIV, Path of Exile, Clash of Clans, Blade and Soul and other fully developed game accounts to choose from. Pick from a variety of sellers offering a variety of product, check their mmoauction.com user levels and pick the best one for instant delivery of your dream content. Take your gaming to the next level, don’t sacrifice your real life to get to diamond this season, just have such account delivered to you on mmoauctions.com.

Why buy LoL account?

The procedure is simple - the first thing you need to do after starting your League of Legends journey is to reach level 30. This threshold allows you to play ranked games.

The sheer process of leveling LoL account to level 30 doesn't take very long, and a skilled leveler is capable to do so within a day. What's problematic is acquiring all champions. Currently there are more than 140 champions, with more coming up soon. During the first week after a new LoL Champion is released, its cost is 7800 Blue Essence. After a week it drops to 6300 and remains so for quite some time. At the same time, champions of lower Blue Essence tier are made cheaper based on their released date with the oldest one being downgraded. And so the oldest 6300 champion becomes the newest 4800, the oldest 4800 champion becomes 3150 one, and so on. With nearly 150 characters it takes thousands of Blue Essence to buy them all. 

Not let's have a look at the BLue Essence gathering system in League of Legends. You can get 50 of it daily for a matchmade game win. There are periodic events that grant Blue Essence and tokens. The XP level was released, and each subsequent level grants you a Champion Capsule with champion shards. You can't reroll them anymore, so you have to exchange them for Blue Essence, or buy. Either way, you don't get it for every game, like it used to be, so you need to play a lot to collect a sufficient amount of Blue Essence. For a fresh lvl 30 LoL account it's a Sisyphean task. Even it it's a LoL smurf playing on it. 

It's remains true until further changes are implemented, which Riot Games is known for.

Why do I need all champions on my LoL account?

Truth be told - you don't. If you are a casual player, the best bet for you would be to focus on mastering 3-4 for each role that you play. That makes a maximum of 8 champions for two roles that you play. If you are lucky enough not to be autofilled regularly, that is. The number of 8 champions isn't something that a fresh LoL account can't afford. 

The problems begins in three scenarios:

1. You are high elo player - at the very top of League of Legends play, there is very little room for being unprepared. The best of the best LoL players will abuse every single mistake that you foolishly make. It also applies to the champion select. You can't allow yourself not to have a meta champion on your account. You have it, or you have your butt whopped. 

2. You are following the meta - this one doesn't apply only to a high elo players. You can be a meta follower at any level of play from Iron... Naa, there is no meta in Iron. Let's say - from high Silver onwards. It means that you'll need every champion that is currently strong to be prepared for every situation. 

3. You are a content creator - these people are known for making funny or troll stuff in lower division, like up until the high Plat - low Diamond. Usually, they are better than average, so they're winning even with a troll build, climbing the LoL ladder. Eventually, they end up in elo where troll builds don't work anymore, and the game becomes less and less entertaining, being more of a tryhard fest. It is when the content creator needs a new account, and just like in scenarios before - they don't want to level it up from scratch to have all champions. Obviously, most of them are rich enough to RP-buy all champions, but it's better to buy a LoL account that is properly prepared. Especially for all the "Unranked to wherever" series. 

Collecting all champions can take months, if not years. Do you have that much of a free time?

No wonder that LoL smurfs have made a vast business out of selling the cheapest LoL accounts. Are you a League of Legends smurf? Do you have some accounts for sale? Here is your place to do so.

The time

The most important factor in online gaming, and the foundation of online games trading. The Time. There are some processes and activities that you can speed up with boosts, skills, or simple efficiency, and there are some of them, that you can't. Like you can't speed up the LoL game. The game lasts no shorter than 15 minutes if none of the teams manages to break the Nexus. You can try to open mid, but it rarely works. It's funny how the game based on cooperation lacks the cooperation element. 

That's one side of the coin. The other one is when none of the teams is able to end the game within a reasonable timeframe. Then the game lasts over 60 minutes with no clear winner. Due to recent changes to scaling, snowballing, catch up mechanics, and most importantly to Elder Dragon the probability of stalling the game forever (like in LoL Season 8) is neglegible. Still, in the extreme case it may take up to 6 Dragons killed before an Elder is secured. Despite the Riot Games' effort, some games can last forever even now. How can you speed it up? You can't speed up time in real-life. You can't make an hour last a minute.

Sure, no one said that you have to play ranked matches to level up the LoL Account. You can play vs bots. You can try and hit some ARAMs or URFs, that last way shorter. Yet again, it' doesn't happen instantly.

Not like buying an account. No matter which changes Rito implements, how many buffs or nerfs will it take, no matter how hard they try, they will never allow you to gather all champions in a few minutes. They want to you to buy RPs (Riot Points) and this way speed up the process, making them rich. But we have an alternative.

Look around. Search through the products that our customers have listed. Check the LoL account for sale. Everything from unranked, through Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, Challenger accounts can be yours in just a few minutes. Purchase, fresh lvl 30s, or smurf accounts, Europe West, Europe Nordic East, North America, etc. How long would it take you to grind so high? All you have to do is make contact with the seller via Skype, WhatsApp, or email address, agree to pick one of plenty payment methods, setup the delivery, and proceed to the trade. A purchase of League of Legends account involves passing a login and password. Make sure you're safe. Remember, to protect your contact information at all time. 

The Cosmetics

How can you obtain a skin that is no longer for sale? How can you get one that was removed from a shop, or was given for a certain event? The answer is simple - you can't. 

The rarities like Black Alistar, Human Ryze, King Rammus, Rusty Blitzcrank, or PAX Twisted Fate will forever be coveted by the community. You could receive them back in the good old days of open beta, or for participatin in real-life events. League of Legends accounts that contain these Riot Games Inc. pearls are the oldest ones, genuine OG, prima sort, one in a million. Each trading platform is full of lvl 30, smurf accounts, Diamond II with 140 champions, but how many of them have such classics? A few. At most.

The only way to own these skins is to own such an account. You cannot give them, sell them, or in any way transfer them elsewhere. You can only trade LoL Account that has it. It is another reason for trading LoL Accounts.


Finally, we have a Public Beta Environment, the famous testing server of Riot Games. It is where all the changes to code are applied first before going live on EUW, NA, EUNE, KR, OCE, or whatever other server. 

This server is placed in America, but people all over the world, especially the content creators, are willing to play there despite of a high ping. It is obvious that they want to deliver the content the fastest possible.

The number of PBE accounts is limited. It is why you will find PBE LoL Accounts offers all over the web. 

LoL accounts for sale

Make sure that you double-check the account information. Also, review the seller in Scam Killer security tool, and verify their badges. Avoid unverified users. Rest assured that we'll take the greatest effort to ensure you safe trading on our web page. 

MMOAuctions.com is not a middleman. We do not own the LoL Accounts for Sale. We are a market to list your items, accounts, game currency. You can place an offer to buy or sell things. We can provide you a lifetime warranty that MMOAuctions will be here for you to trade League of Legends items. The best place to trade League of Legends accounts.

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