LoL RP Gifting

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LoL RP Gifting

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RP Gifting in League of Legends

League of Legends is a MOBA – games in this genre don’t have a lot of player-to-player trading. Even the premium currency – Riot Points (usually referred to as RP) can’t be transferred from one account to the other. However, a player can always use theirs on a gift to someone else. There are just two restrictions: both accounts have to be on the same server and they have to be friends within the game.

This feature leaves a nice gateway for RP-based trading. You just have to tell the seller exactly what you want and they’ll spend their Riot Points on a gift for your account. It’s a simple way of making some extra money off of the old and unneeded RP.

There are quite a few types of goods that you can gift with this feature. The most popular ones are related to skins. The provider can either buy the exact skin that you want for the store price or send you a Mystery Skin gift. The latter option is better in terms of sheer value, but of course, you have no way of knowing what exactly you’re going to find. Overall, it’s a great way of unlocking skins, since it usually is much cheaper than buying RP in the client and spending it on the skins.

Let’s not forget – there’s always the option to unlock champions for RP. They can also be gifted, so you can buy them if you want. Not many players decide to do that, because you can get them for the free currency – Blue Essence. However, if you want to unlock all your favorite champions without grinding – it might be the best option for you. Similarly to skins, you can pick the ones you want or decide to go with the random option.

The other gifts include Hextech Chests and Keys (regular and masterwork ones), TFT Little Legend Eggs, and the time-limited even orbs or boxes (only when there’s an active event). As you can see, there’s a lot to choose from and you’ll surely find something worthwhile!

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