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LOL Bots & Cheats

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LoL Hacks and Bots

League of Legends is a competitive MOBA with a fair amount of grind if you’re trying to unlock all champions. Moreover, it’s a very popular game with tons of people willing to pay for various goods and services. The combination of all these factors makes League of Legends the perfect game for multiple hacks and bots. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of third party software in LoL.

League of Legends Bots are the best tools that can help you with mass-producing level 30 accounts. They can automatically queue up for games, accept the games, pick runes and play the matches (most players can tell the difference between other people and bots playing the game, but with good anti-detection systems, you’re unlikely to get banned by Riot). Back in the day, people used to run these bots in Twisted Treeline, but after this mode got removed, most of them moved to ARAM and the rotating game modes. Playing there significantly decreases the risk of a potential ban. A bot can be useful not only for selling accounts but also for farming Blue Essence on your own alts and smurfs.  

League of Legends Scripts are the wide array of cheats that can provide assistance and automatically perform certain actions (sometimes the mechanically difficult ones) for the player. Orbwalking is a large portion of playing ADCs and other champions that auto-attack a lot. It requires the player to attack while moving. In order to do so, you have to cancel the animation in exactly the right moment (when the projectile has already been released). It’s relatively difficult to do, especially with really high attack speed. The orbwalker script can do it for you! It has been a very hack, especially for Kog’Maw with various attack speed steroids.

Another popular script allows you to land skill shots much easier. It tracks the opponents’ movement and automatically follows them. It’s especially effective for abilities than can’t be blocked by minions. Xerath is an extremely good champion to use with these scripts since his kit consists entirely of skill shots. It can also help champions like Blitzcrank or Morgana with landing the crucial Qs.

Other automatable actions feature last-hitting minions, target selection, smiting epic monsters, dodging enemy skill shots, and using defensive summoner spells like Heal or Barrier.

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