League Of Legends Win Trading

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LOL Win Trading

What win trading is about

Win trading in gaming occurs when one team raises its ranking in cost of the other team losing. It usually involves two users or two teams - one which is constantly winning and one which is trying to give their enemies an easy win. Win trading can be arranged as an aggreement between two teams when one is getting paid by intentionally losing or as an even trade when wins are traded back later on (usually for another accounts).

In terms of League of Legends wintrading is most effective on higher ranks. Early on users are unable to constantly 'snipe' a player who they want to play against since there are millions of users and every queue dodge is punished by removing some of the league points. When it comes to master or challenger ranks users are able to trade wins more constantly since there are far less players in these leagues. On top of that some of the users have shields which block them from being degraded to lower ranks and therefore can give their points to help somebody get easy ranked league points.

What can you achieve by win trading

By trading wins with other players you will be able to boost your account with quick and easy league points. While lending your own account to other players for a boost might be an option it is not worth the risk at high ranks. Also if you have valuable skins and every champion unlocked giving your details to other players might not be the best idea. This is where wintrading comes in handy. By buying wins you buy ranked league points which can improve your ranks and get you to a higher ELO. Nomore playing with teams that intentionally feed and act like they don't want to achieve victory. By buying wins you will be able to reach higher ELO where users try their best every game. Service provided by our users can give great amount of support in terms of wintrading to people from every rank. In terms of safety and standards our users provide best wintrades in the market.

Keep in mind that while wintrading might not be as consistent method to gain league points as getting boosted by professional player it is without a doubt a safer one. You don't need to give your account credentials to other users and therefore your account remains trully yours for whole of the process. This way you don't give scammers chance to steal away what's yours.

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Join MMOAuctions community. Our website was built on a belief that every gamer should be able to trade his in game items, programs, currencies and goods in general without a fear of being scammed. We are one of the largest communities that feature player to player trading. Thousands of happy users are the best proof that you can safely buy, sell and exchange what you have and what you need. Our team is putting highest emphasis on safety of our users. We are providing highest security standards with initiatives like Scam Killer Database to make sure that each one of you will not be afraid to trade with others.

Safety of our users

Team members from our website have developed Scam Killer database to give you highest security standards in the market of in-game currency trading. It is a program designed to give user protection while trading with previously unknown users. There are countless scammers in currency trading community which are seen in every corner - to give you protection from them we have implemented database usage in the trade process. By trading with other users you will be informed about their intentions. If they were previously mentioned in any scam or fraud trades whether with phone number, with email adress or with any other details you will be informed about this fact immidiatly and trade will be cancelled. Because of that you will know if user you are exchanging with is honest or not.

About League of Legends

League of Legends is a major hit produced by Riot Games. It is a fast paced MMORPG title where two teams consisting of 5 players compete against eachother to destroy enemy Nexus and to achieve a victory. The main reason why LoL is loved by so many players is its unique Champion design. Over hundred playable heroes have their own fantasy background and unique abilities. The game is easy to pick up but hard to master which makes it friendly to both new users and those advanced in game mechanics.

Players who want to achieve victory in the game will have to prove their skill in gaming by strategic thinking, lightning reflexes and coordinated team-play. The pace of the contest progresses faster as the time goes by. Firstly players prove their skills in small skirmishes against eachother but the fights become larger later when more team members join them. Whether you are a solo player who want to carry his team on his own or you are a team sportsman you will be able to be whoever you want in the Summoners Rift.

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