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LOL Boosting


Everyone knows League of Legends and Riot Games, if you don’t, then you came to the right place. This spectacular, team-based MOBA game is similar to Valve’s DotA 2 and offers a great deal of fun to anyone willing to try it. With specific, cartoony graphics, it’s been a while since the game release in 2009, but it still tops the playtime rankings and holds grand tournaments for the dedicated e-sport fans (even Overwatch didn’t manage to overthrow League of Legends) LOL’s community is still one of the fastest growing in the gaming industry. Here at MMOAuctions, you can easily offer LOL Boost service.

lol boosting


Want to know more about this awesome game? The desired gameplay usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes and here’s how it plays out: pick one from dozen of different champions and use their powerful skills to dominate foes. You start a match and join 9 other players, divided into 2 teams of five. Your base is a starting point with three lanes and several towers defending them. Lead your team directly to the enemy’s base and destroy it to win the match! Make use of working creeps (small sized units controlled by AI) and push your enemies to their gates.


During the match you’ll progress through ranks and levels, gather super items and contribute to epic clashes! Whether you prefer to play aggressive champions or excel as support - you know that playing LoL requires time and dedication to become better and better. But what happens when there’s just not enough time? When your efforts are wasted or not efficient enough? Can time be bought? Well, it seems that it can! Ready, set, GO!


Being in a team and therefore, reliant on your teammates, can make you struggle to climb the ELO ladder. It may be hard to find a friendly face or a guarantee to have fun. Having a losing streak can be discouraging and the learning curve might be high for beginners, but with the help and support of, you can easily find professionals willing to boost your LOL account’s ELO rating for the best price available in 2019. Stop worrying about grinding your way up and just play the game!


Freely browse through offers presented by fellow gamers and select the one that interests you the most- it’s that simple! Use handy filters and view what you need exactly at the right time. All options are affordable and within your budget (there are discounts!).


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Start earning real life money and coach other players now - don’t let that talent fade away. For true professionals, we offer advanced, mass offer management. Easily track each one of them and never get lost or miss a chance to earn an extra dime! If you need to ask a question or explain terms to your customer, use your built-in chat or integrated text messages! Forget Facebook, Twitter or other social media, get ELO boosting on now!