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LOL Accounts

LoL account allows playing the game. In League of Legends players are assigned to two opposing 5-person teams. Each team starts a game in the opposing corners of the map in their base. To win the match, the team must destroy the opposing team's nexus. To destroy nexus, players must work through a series of towers called turrets, that are situated along three paths connecting the bases. By completing game objectives the player's champion can be developed which means the champion's combat and defensive abilities are increased. Players are also obliged to buy items at shop situated at their fountain base in order to increase their combat abilities. There are 4 skills to be chosen assigned to Q W E R keys. Every champion has a unique set of skills. There are also three game modes present in the game which are Classic, Dominion and ARAM. Looking for well developed League of Legends account? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual lol account offers from players and traders worldwide or set up your own offer within 60 seconds! Buy League of Legends Account only at mmoauctions.com!

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LOL Accounts

The League of Legends game is definitely a distinctive computer game. Many people compare it to the popular DOTA 2 game. It's impossible to disagree with such an opinion. The most important thing about League of Legends is having an account. The main condition for starting it is to have a minimum of 13 years, but that's not all. Such a person should ask an adult (preferably one of the parents) to read the rules of the game and accept it. In this way, a person over 13 years of age can participate legally in computer competitions.


Once you have your account created we have to come up with your summoner name. It seems trivial but unfortunately, there are cases that people who set up an account are of different denomination/origin. They want to present their name in the game to their disadvantage. It should be mentioned that racist or insulting user names will be suspended with the possibility of changing them. Setting an incorrect username is just a waste of time you’ll spend on changing and contacting Riot. By doing such things, you also lose the time of support, and your account will not have the best opinion among players and administrators. You have to remember that you from the very beginning you are making a name for yourself so take care of your account.


Each of us, when starting their adventure with League of Legends, wanted to advance to the level 30. It is worth mentioning that time is more valuable than money - and thus, it is important to know the privacy policy with such labor-intensive work. Nobody would want to lose their account on, for example, a North American server. It's easy to count: 30 level is about 150 won matches, assuming that on average that the match lasts 30 minutes, the total time to obtain such a result is 75 hours! Not taking into account the fact that we often buy lol for hard-earned money on the account - which increases the quality of the account. In that case, it's worth using Riot Games support and securing your account according to their recommendations. The most important thing is to take care of your account in the right order. First, you need to take care of safety and then get on with playing and having fun. It should also be remembered that when the game is boring you should not sell your account! The person who buys such an account will undervalue or overstate the level of gameplay with his skills, and this is connected with the game of unfair play.


Riot games employees have a very difficult task to determine if the person playing the account is the owner. It is not known from today that the example servers: North America, Nordic east, Latin America south, north latin, EU west, Latin America north etc. they have a completely different level of gameplay. It is often compared that one server of the rank gold is equal to another on the engine. So deciding whether a player has a second account or bought is extremely difficult.


Returning to the moment when you create an account, you should also remember to give your real data. There are a few arguments that speak in favor of not giving fictitious data. The first and probably the most important one is that when your account is hacked, YOU are still in a winning position. Thanks to the fact that the data can be easily verified and thus you will be able to recover your account after the appropriate procedures.


And what if there is a situation that a friend comes and wants to play on your account? This is a difficult situation, where it is recommended that such a person should set up their own account. It can then come to a situation that is colloquially called boosting. Everyone prefers their individual level. If he plays for them, the opposing team or allies lose or gain what is not allowed and this should be avoided. A possible solution is to let the familiar person activate the bots mode. Then nobody will be hurt and the fun will be the same.

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You can often find various social networks groups on Facebook, Twitter etc. where people are selling their accounts. It is very dangerous for a few reasons. Permanent closing of the sold account is one of the options that is obvious. However, there are several other possibilities during the transaction where you can be scammed. Apart from the fact that the buyer can lose money and not get an account. Not only that - he will not report such an event anywhere, because according to the regulations it is not allowed, and she would automatically report it automatically. If the transaction came to an end and the account would be sold ... The game would clearly see a level difference if the player was on a different market than the seller and the account can be reported after the match.


Finally, it's worth mentioning that having a League of Legends accounts is not just a chance to play. In the client of this game, there is a store where we can buy skins and champions. By using the store in the league of legends client, we can use the shopping cart and buy RP, ie the currency in the game. In this way, we can buy rare skins for attitudes, but they will not help us win in the so-called. ranked games. There are a lot of players who simply collect skins for character data. There are several ways to get one. The easiest way is simply buying. However, you can draw them in boxes, which you can also buy or get after a successful game played earlier. A common problem for collectors is the fact that some skins cannot simply be bought. You need some luck to get some. The system is constructed in such a way that a certain amount can be obtained only from boxes. Also, there are skins that can be unlocked using "gemstone". They are magical stones, which are also available only from crates. However, that's not all you can buy. If the players are impatient, they can buy power-ups, which will increase the level of experience with every game - thanks to which we will advance to a higher level faster.


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