League of Legends IP

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LOL Influence Points

LOL IP - Influence Points are the main and most commonly used currency of League of Legends. It's a measure of summoner's "influence" in the League of Legends. Summoners are granted with influence points for every match they play. The amount acquired depends on the player's performance which means whether the player won or lost the match, game type and length of the match. LOL IP can be used to permanently unlock champions, runes or additional runebook pages in the riot store. They are also used to buy certain boosts. Every day's first won battle is awarded with Influence Points bonuses. Games shorter than 7 minutes are not awarded with IP and do not affect the win of the day bonus. There is also a premium currency called Riot Points. Riot Points allows you to unlock skins for champions. Looking for well developed League of Legends account? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide!