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LOL Items

League of Legends items - a huge variety of different items. Items are pieces of equipment that can be purchased to increase champion's statistics and improve it's combat abilities. They can be bought only at team's starting point in their base. They come in three different tiers which are basic, advanced and legendary. Basic tier items are items not built with any other item. Advanced tier means that lol items is created from at least 1 basic tier item and a recipe. Legendary items are created from at least 1 advanced item and a recipe. If you want to sell your item back to a vendor you will receive only 70% of it's original price. There are items specific to Classic game mode and items specific for Dominion game mode. Looking for well developed League of Legends account? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual LoL related items offers from players and traders worldwide!