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Lineage 2 Essence Adena

Search through the lucrative offers and fill your stock of Lineage 2 Essence Adena. It’s the main currency in L2 Essence and you can use it to buy all types of useful items and resources within the game. Money is power in many MMORPGs – get it from the best providers - right here, right now!

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Adena in L2 Essence

Money makes the world go round – this rule also applies to the majority of MMORPGs. It’s definitely the case for all the versions of Lineage 2. The player-driven economy that’s heavily based on Adena is one of the trademarks of this Korean title. Almost all the items in this game are tradable – in games like this, the main currency always plays a major role – all the way to the very endgame.

While Lineage 2 Essence features some significant differences from its predecessors (Retail and Classic) – it still has the core of Lineage 2. It’s an old-school tab-targeting MMORPG with tons of power coming from gear progression. Almost all of these desirable pieces of equipment can be bought from other players for Adena. You can take advantage of that fact and get a hefty supply of the game’s currency!

The idea behind Lineage 2 Essence is quite simple. Getting to endgame (at least level-wise) is relatively easy. The progression is really fast and there’s even an auto-hunt feature that allows you to set up your character to farm mobs even when you’re AFK. Moreover, every player will get some decent free gear during their leveling process. There’s a lot of catering to casual players, a group that didn’t exactly have its place in the previous version of Lineage 2.

At the same time, you can still get a taste of the incredible L2 endgame – that’s the part of the game that’s still pretty challenging. The most powerful endgame gear is not handed out on a silver platter and raiding is an incredibly important element of the high-level gameplay. Besides the open-world raid bosses that can be always be contested by the other groups of players, the endgame content also features some more pure PvP aspects like castle sieges and the Olympiad (the classic 1v1 tournament that’s one of the trademarks of Lineage 2).

Buy a supply of Lineage 2 Essence Adena and challenge even the most powerful players on the server!