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Lineage 2 Essence Items

Check out the offers of the most powerful Lineage 2 Essence Items and gear up for the biggest challenges! Make your character even stronger thanks to the massive amounts of extra stats that you can get from the forceful equipment!

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Gear Progression in Lineage 2 Essence

Getting as powerful equipment as possible is tremendously important in every version of Lineage 2. Essence might be a bit more casual-friendly than Classic or the standard L2, but this principle still applies. You might get to a high level easier than in the other iterations of Lineage 2, but it’s definitely not the end of challenges on your way. The higher-grade gear is not easy to get, then you have to think about enchanting and the items that drop exclusively from Raid Bosses.

Moreover, these bosses have been moved back to the open world, so get ready to be contested by other groups of players. Luckily, these powerful monsters in Lineage 2 Essence spawn more often than in the other versions of the game. That being said, you might have a difficult time trying to farm them if you won’t have a strong clan to back you up. Finding a clan is much easier if you already have a well-geared character – that’s why buying some of the most powerful Lineage 2 Essence Items might be a great idea!

This way, you’ll be able to get the highest-level enchanted weapons, powerful Raid Boss drops, and other amazing items that can vastly increase your character’s power! You can use them to make your farming even faster and more efficient! Besides, they will help you in PvP. No matter if we’re talking about the aforementioned teamfights around Raid Bosses, or other situations, like castle sieges or the Olympiad.   

Buy the best Lineage 2 Essence weapons, armors and jewelry at MMOAuctions!