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Maplestory 2 Boosting

Maplestory 2 is a sequel to a successful 2d MMORPG game called Maplestory. Unlike its predecessor, this game is a three-dimensional adventure with an isometric view and voxel-based elements. The sequel is set in a magic, colorful and happy world where players will wander through closed-environment maps facing various monsters and bosses. Here you can check latest related to Maplestory 2 Boosting.


MS sequel takes from the original game what’s best and puts it all in a completely new perspective. In this installment, we will find not only brand new content to explore but also meet good old friends and scary enemies from the previous game. Skill system has been drastically improved  - there is no longer need to spam the highest damage abilities in repetitive succession. In MapleStory 2 player needs to combine abilities in a way that best suits their class. Mages will have to avoid taking damage and cast spells from the distance, warriors will have to fight their way in close quarters and priests will cover from damage casting their abilities. All of this in a fast-paced action with flashy characters, skills, and enemies.


Higher level players can count on dungeons and raids where they can face off powerful bosses trying to get best pieces of equipment available in the game. There are currently 58 available dungeons in the game including 6 chaos raids and 3 - 10 man guild raids. Although low-level players can take part in early dungeons, they will have to grind their way to 60 if they want to participate in bigger raids.

Just as in the original game player can enjoy their time in many activities and minigames. As the social aspect of the Maplestory is a thing that really puts this game on pedestal getting to higher levels without taking too much time might be the best option. On our site, we provide boosting services that will let you get into end game content as quick as possible.


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