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Maplestory 2 Items

What is MapleStory 2?

You might have heard about the Maple Story 1 that was released in 2005 by korean publisher Nexon. Back then it was a fresh MMORPG with an isometric view and cute pixel art style. The sequel was created and released in Korea in 2015 as a beta version. Official english release was held in November 2018 and met a worldwide success with yet again cute art style, but this time in 3D and voxel-based environment. There are similarities with Minecraft, but the graphics and nature of MMO gameplay make Maple Story 2 a distinctive game which has a trademark of its own. Here on MMOAuctions you can sell or buy MapleStory 2 Items.


In Maple Story 2 you explore the big cities of the Maple World: Ellinia, Henesys or Tria. You’ll visit the Shadow World or venture to the Karkar Island. MS 2 offers a lot of locations, with various and epic quests to conclude and monsters to fight. Players can select one of ten classes, that include an agile assassin, strong knight, support priest or the powerful runeblade. You can also pick an archer, become a shadow-loving thief, exceptional berserker, a classic wizard or test your skills with a class like soul binder or heavy gunner. In this game, leveling is not just done by grinding mobs and their spawning areas. Quests are vital part of natural character progression. They can be finished solo or in a team of up to 5 players. Like in other MMORPGs, there are dangerous dungeons present where you can raid top bosses or join some big PVP battles.


Strike your Enemies with your own creation!

What’s interesting in Maplestory2 is the extended crafting that’s called “Life Skills”. All possible professions can be found here: mining, foraging, farming, smithing, handicrafts and even interior design! Ever wanted to craft your own shoes or gloves and hunt a dragon with them? Now you can with MS2! Speaking of interior design, each mapler can purchase his own house and decorate it with special items. Houses can be upgraded and made bigger with more value and time invested. Crafted equipment, just like the one obtained from the loot or from the NPCs, can have a different rank. The easiest to acquire are Common items, followed by Rare and Exceptional. The higher rank the harder is to get the special item you want, so any Epic, Legendary or Ascendant item is a small fortune on its own. For a cute game, MS2 offers a wide range of weapons and armors to choose and kill with. There are thrown weapons, classic bows, scepters, swords and blades or cannons! Yes - maplers can use firearms that add a unique content to the fantasy world. Isn’t that an adventure worth taking? And what else can be better in an online adventure game than riding your own mount! That’s right, mounts are a great way to move around the terrain, as well as display your coolness around! Just like other accessories, you can freely choose from various mounts: ground or air based! And, of course, just like everything in the Maple Universe, all of them are cute!

War, war never changes

Fallout 76 and this quite can hide, because MS2 is not just a cute looking game. There’s a war raging and plenty of enemies to defeat! Maples can join the Maple Arena and duel each other to gain ranks and eventually become the grand champion. Such duel can be won if any player wins at least 2 out of 3 rounds. Your friends can spectate your fighting someone else and you can be sure no one interferes between you and your opponent.


On the global hype of battle royale game modes, MS2 also has it’s part in it: the Mushking Royale. A 50 of maplers are put in a special instance, with their level set to 50 (so there’s no unfair advantage). Maplers need to hunt around the map, collect rare consumables and, of course, beat the competition. In this game mode, apart from weapons and healing herbs, players are able to use deadly machines that are randomly spawned around the map and provide a great boost to damage dealt.


And when you become tired of fighting wars alone, you can always join a guild or create your own! Guilds can have their own guildhouses and gather funds by donations from respective members. Apart from that, being in a guild allows receiving some cool boosts and buffs, as well as participating in guild quests and minigames.

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