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MapleStory Cheats


Buy MapleStory hacks, cheats, and bots at MMOAuctions. Get some third party software to do the hard work for you. They can farm Mesos and items for you – this way you’re getting rich without wasting your time on the never-ending grind. Find the perfect MapleStory hack at MMOAuctions! You can also find a MapleStory trainer software to level up your alts. Start enjoying the time as you play the game even more, thanks to our website! 


There are multiple ways of getting an additional advantage in Maple Story. Some players use the Cheat Engine, but it has a high detection rate and is in general one of the least safe tools to use. Unsurprisingly, most of the popular software is focused on repetitively killing mob after mob all day and collect the items that they drop. It’s used either to farm items and Mesos or simply for fast and easy leveling.

These programs, when done right, can stay undetected basically forever. During this time, they can significantly help their users, by gathering exp and leveling numerous additional characters or accumulating a lot of items and currency. The player-driven economy plays a huge part in the Maple World. Getting a steady and significant influx of resources from botting might be more important than you think!

While cheating in online games is not strictly illegal, it is against the game’s rules, and it can even result in getting your account banned. If you don’t want to lose your favorite character, make sure always to use only the newest and freshly updated software. Buy the third-party software from professional hackers at MMOAuctions!



The best hacks and bots are usually subscription-based. This is slightly more expensive than just getting a single tool that you download and use forever. On the other hand, it makes the creators obliged to keep up with all the new detection systems and other defense measures that might be added to the game in subsequent updates. The continuously developed programs are going to be able to bypass all security. The outdated ones are more likely to be detected and get you a ban.

Besides the auto anti-cheating tools introduced by the developers, there’s also another threat in the form of getting reported by other players. That’s why you shouldn’t really use some godmode or speed hacks on your main account. You also want to make sure that your botting isn’t too obvious, because it also can increase the likelihood of the banhammer swinging your way. Getting hit by it means losing your account - that’s a lot of damage. 

Fortunately, since MapleStory is a 2D game, the risk of a bot getting stuck in a random place is much smaller than in some of the 3D titles. Bots don’t have just to run around and auto-attack enemies until they kill them, the advanced software can use abilities, and you can code a really smart and effective pathing for it. 

In general, using bots in MapleStory is pretty safe, as long as you’re employing one that’s up to date. If you want to use some other, more extreme software, we recommend doing that on an alternative account. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them. After all, you can create a MapleStory account for free and running around the map with super-speed or clearing a whole map in a matter of seconds might be a fun thing to do. Don’t expect to stay undetected if you’re using this kind of hacks though. You can definitely get away with using a script that can improve your in-game mechanics by, for example, automatically dodging incoming attacks. 

Most of the tools should work on all the servers. No matter if you’re playing on the Global MapleStory (GMS) or some regional or private server, for both the original version and the reboot. That being said, we recommend checking it with the seller before placing an order, just to make sure. You can always message them an additional question or two to learn more about their product. Hacking might make your gaming experience much more relaxing and fun!

Think about it - you don’t have to spend your precious time grinding for Mesos. The software can do that in your downtime. This allows you to dive into your favorite MapleStory activities when you’re gaming, while still swimming in Meso! Days of grinding can be over thanks to the bots and hacks available at MMOAuctions! If you’re going to use hacks or bots, make sure to use the best ones available. Free software is often lousy quality, outdated and easy to detect.



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You can also find some great software for this game's sequel. Switch to the right category and find Maplestory 2 hacks or a great Maplestory 2 bot.  

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MapleStory is highly stylized MMORPG released back in 2003. Its developer is the South Korean studio Wizet, while Nexon publishes it in most of the regions and countries. The game gained great popularity, being one of the few old school MMOs that were pretty accessible to casual players. The 2D graphics and the distinctive visual style still make this title a truly unique one.

The game underwent a lot of changes since it started in 2003. It’s receiving continuous updates, even after the MapleStory 2 release. New items and locations are being regularly added to the game, giving players even more interesting things to do. Every few weeks there’s a new content update! If you’re interested in a heavily stylized, side-scrolling MMO, you can simply download the client and play for free! 

Hacking and using bots can save you a lot of time, especially if you want to power farm mesos or progress through the story really fast. Search for the perfect offer, buy the software that you need and get started today!