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MapleStory Items

Legendary items a click away

After 17 years out there, Maple Story keeps bringing the fun! Hey, Maple Story 2 came out a couple of years ago too, but it didn’t quite have the same charm as the original. This anime aesthetic MMORPG still delivers a ton of fun and hours and hours of amazing gameplay. There is still new content coming out and new servers to explore. The reboot server did cut out much of the P2W aspect of the game and turned into a grind fest for the hardcore player base. Yeah, it may have more item drops, but its harder to take advantage of. Especially when you are used to buying stuff on the market.

So if you are going for a specific build or pet, and don’t want to grind till the end of time, what can you do? Hey, you can buy that item! You don’t have to limit yourself to the in-game marketplace, as offers are quite volatile and you may no get the best deals there. Luckily, there are sites out there where you can buy and sell anything gaming related, and you’ve just arrived at the best one out there.


Like we said, here, you’ll be able to buy and sell gaming goods from all over the world. You can even become a gamer for hire if you are good enough. Don’t just sell items, get hired for your skills, and help people power leveling their accounts. Or just help them farm resources, the choice is yours. We won’t charge a dime for the transactions you make, so feel free to trade away as much as you want. You get to decide when, how, and how much money you are going to spend or earn.

And it’s not just for Maple Story, you can make trades for other games too! Other MOBAs like World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online; sell League of Legends accounts or skins, or do the same for other MOBAs. There are even mobile games on the catalog, which currently has live offers for more than 150 games. 

Security is a high priority for us, and keeping you safe when you trade is easier than it looks. Our ranking system is there fr a reason! It will tell you who to trust and who to avoid. Try to be careful around noobs, as they are wildcards, how do you tell if someone is a scammer or a newbie? Use “Scam Killer,” our database full of user-generated reports. If the email account or Skype ID of your trading partner comes out, cancel the trade ASAP.

Finding the best items is hard, no questions about it, so getting a little boost to get them is going to save you time. The best way to fight against the rare item drops is by going around them. After all, how else are you going to finish your build? Think about all the deals, items, and pets you are missing out. Start playing the game how you want, and trade now on MMO Auctions!