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This popular game was first published by Machine Zone in 2015, and it is a Mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy video game that takes you into the intricate world of military strategy.

This game became famous because of a huge advertising campaign featuring actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a commander. The game was rated as the second highest-grossing game on the Apple Store on 2016, but it wasn’t well-received by the critic.

In Mobile Strike your objective is pretty simple: To build the biggest strongest and more powerful army command center. You start the game with a couple of essential buildings and have to take care of everything your troops may need to fully develop. As you progress, you will have access to more and specialized buildings to train infantry and gather resources. The most common resources you need to advance are stone, oil, iron, food, and coin, you will need a certain amount of each to upgrade your buildings and train troops. As your Command Center grows you will need to find ways to collect or produce more of said resources.

Everything you do at your base, as build a new structure, upgrade it, or even training your troops take time, and the biggest the project the longest. As this is a real-time strategy game, you have to consider this to develop the best attack-defense plan. You start the game with a handful of free Speed Boosts that will dramatically shorten the time your upgrades take. Later in the game, you can get more Speed Boosts from certain activities. 

One of the most crucial aspects of the game is your commander. He is the leader of your base and will level up as you complete objectives. Your commander skills will help you out in many other activities and will increase your resource production, reduce waiting times for buildings, and lower the costs of training troops among other things. You can also send your commander to the battlefield when you attack another base or occupy an empty resource building to increase your attack stats. 

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