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Mobile Strike Bots & Cheats

Chances are you are familiar with the Arnold Schwarzenegger ads promoting Mobile Strike. This is a Warfare strategy MMO that puts you in control of a military base that trusts your wisdom to defend against invading forces while succeeding at dominating your enemies in the battlefield. It was developed by Epic War LLC.

Your main objective in the game is to create the biggest, most powerful, and best-trained military base in the world. To achieve that you start off with a few buildings and resources, and have to manage a way to make them grow while defending yourself from enemy attacks and completing tasks.

As your base grows bigger, you will need more and more resources to keep up with the demand, but at the same time, the more developed your command center is, the more resources you will get.

There are five main resources you will find in the Mobile Strike world: Stone, Oil, Iron, Food and Coin, although you have to consider two more aspects: Gold and time, since, as this is a real-time strategy game, almost every building, research and upgrade takes time to develop. Gold can help you shorten your waiting times and can be purchased with real-world money.

You can also find alternative ways to get gold and resources out there as bots and cheats. If that’s your jam, please consider the developer does not allow that kind of tool, and if you got caught you can end up losing your account and getting banned from the game, so any bot or cheat code you use is your full responsibility.

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